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    City-Center, Hong Kong

    About the bar

    One of the swankiest bars in the world in one of the swankiest hotels on the planet, (a fleet of Rolls Royce's are available for VIP guests) Felix seems straight out of a Bond film. Or is it Austin Powers? Designed by the ubiquitous Philippe Starck (if Bond's creators are looking for someone bent on world domination, check this guy out) it comprises a restaurant serving Pacific Rim cuisine, a balcony, a wine bar, an American Bar and, as the centrepiece, a weird and wonderful Perspex box that's a dance floor known as the Crazy Box. Groovy baby! Most spectacular of all though is the view. Felix is located on the top two floors of The Peninsula and you get a panorama of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in the neon jungle below. It's pricey of course and regulars like to show off with champagne, but cocktails of all variations can be had at the various bars. And boys, you'll want to open your eyes when you visit the little men's room: you relieve yourself in a glass urinal with a view of the city below. Oh behave!

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