Clyde Common
    City-Center, Portland

    About Clyde Common


    One of the groundbreakers in Portland’s ever-evolving (and
    accolade-receiving) bar and restaurant scene, Clyde Common has thoroughly
    impressed us ever since it opened in 2007. And with its signature blend of
    European-influence and quintessentially American tavern touches, it continues
    to create something truly unique.


    Lest you think Clyde Common is only a trendsetter in the
    Pacific Northwest, oh no, it has been credited with creating several restaurant
    and bar trends that have gone  global,
    and once such example is the gem that is the communal dining space. These
    weathered wooden tables make for a fantastic first impression to the venue, and
    along with other understated touches like dangling light bulbs, glass water
    jugs, and strewn canvas sheets, bring a minimalist vibe to the proceedings that
    have been emulated the world over.


    Read More The food is fresh, local, and many of the meats are even
    prepared in-house. Naturally, it's the cocktails that have had us excited all
    these years, as Clyde Common is serving up simple stunners and is even the
    birthplace of the barrel-aging phenomenon. The card is always-evolving, but
    recently included cocktails like the Rag and Bone (premium ancho chili liqueur,
    sherry, lime, brown sugar and homemade ginger beer), the Barrel Aged Chrysanthemum
    (dry vermouth, herbal French liqueur, and absinthe, aged for five months in a
    bourbon whiskey barrel), and the Southbound Suarez (aged tequila, lime, agave,
    herbal bitters, and housemade creamy horchata). In short, come to Clyde Common
    today to see what bars back home will be doing tomorrow. 

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