10 cocktails to order that are sure to impress your date

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Apr 25, 2018

cocktails to impress your date
They say first impressions count, so clue yourself up on a bit of cocktail lingo and it could make a difference to your rendezvous. Just stay clear of the espresso martinis (dangerous!), mojitos (too cliché) or sex on the beach (boring). Order one of these 10 cocktails and you’re sure to impress your date.  

1. Sazerac

Not only will this drink make you look in the know, you’ll come across as someone who can totally handle their booze. A dangerously short drink, invented in the 1930s, made with rye whisky, Peychaud’s bitters, Angostura bitters, sugar and an absinthe rinse, for an extra little kick – that should set the date off nicely.



2. Old Fashioned

This grown-up cocktail suggests you’re a refined drinker – traditionally made with a sugar lump, water, ice, bitters and whisky. Stirred for a long, long time, it also shows you’re a patient soul (always a virtue). Garnished with either a lemon peel or a maraschino cherry. NB: Knowing your whisky of choice will get you extra brownie points.


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3. Hugo

Forget Aperol – show that you’re ahead of the game with the hot new Spritz. Fresh off the slopes of South Tyrol, northern Italy, this floral tipple has begun to cause a stir in the UK cocktail scene. Made with Prosecco and elderflower syrup, served on the rocks with a mint sprig and lemon wedge. You’re so on trend.


4. Tom Collins

This high ball cocktail is what to order when all you really fancy is a bog-standard G&T, but you want to seem interesting. Invented in the 1870s, this drink is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar, carbonated water and served on the rocks with a lemon slice and a maraschino cherry.



5. Julep

A sophisticated alternative to a Mojito, you’ll look classy asking for this one. Hailing from America’s Deep South, this bourbon-based cocktail uses just four ingredients: bourbon, sugar syrup, crushed ice and lots of mint leaves. Fresh, boozy and very drinkable – a great choice.




6. Sidecar

Ordering one of these beauties suggests you know your old-school classics. A short, strong drink made with Cognac (type of brandy), Cointreau and lemon juice. Invented near the end of WWI, the Sidecar is thought to have been created by an American army captain (throwing extra trivia in there makes you look well-read too).


7. Vieux Carré

Just saying the name suggests you’re a seasoned traveller, and if you can nail the pronunciation (repeat after me: Vyuh-Ka-Ray), you’re golden. If you happen to know what the name means, you should have them falling at your feet – so take note. The cocktail was invented in New Orleans and is named after the French word for the city’s French Quarter – Vieux Carré, which translates literally into ‘old square’. It’s also nicely boozy with rye whisky, Cognac, Martini, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine, Peychaud’s bitters and Angostura bitters.


8. Americano

Show off your knowledge of classic Italian cocktails Negroni by ordering one of its slightly lesser-known cousins. The Americano is still deliciously bittersweet, with Campari and sweet vermouth, topped with club soda, and a little less boozy, so a safer option for a first date.


9. Hanky Panky

A really old-school one that not all bartenders will know, this will definitely confirm your image as a cocktail aficionado. A dark and bitter martini, with gin, sweet vermouth and a few drops of Fernet Branca. An evocative sounding cocktail always loosens everyone up a bit…


10. Last Word

This one is a bartender favourite, so you’ll probably get some respect from your server, and some wide-eyed admiration from your date. A simple, zesty classic, that’s easy to drink, yet somehow hasn’t gone mainstream (winner). Made with gin, green Chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur and lime juice – you’re totally going to own this date.


Now, armed with this respectable list of cocktails, you won’t fail to impress. Go get ’em tiger…


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