10 iconic cocktails made famous by TV and movies

Apr 25, 2018

iconic cocktails
Movies and TV shows are influential; they set trends that penetrate every level of society. Moviegoers and TV bingers alike are particularly fond of copying characters’ favourite drinks, so today we’ve got a list of some of the finest.

1.Vesper Martini. Casino Royale (James Bond)

Arguably the most iconic cocktail on this list, the Vesper Martini is a drink with its own catch phrase. To recreate Mr Bond’s favourite tipple, simply combine Gordon’s gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc and a lemon peel as a garnish. Make sure it’s shaken, not stirred.

vesper martini casino royale


2. Cosmo, Sex and the City

If there’s one thing the ladies of Sex and the City like, it’s the fun and flirtatious Cosmopolitan. Pair citrus vodka with orange liquor, and add a drop of both lime and cranberry juice to create this signature, pink-hued delight.


cosmopolitan sex and the city


3. White Russian, The Big Lebowski

Accompanying ‘The Dude’ in nearly every scene of The Big Lebowski is the White Russian. It’s the perfect blend of Kahlua, vodka and cream (or half and half if you want that extra touch of authenticity!).


white russian the big lebowsky


4. Manhattan, Some Like It Hot

The strong and sumptuous Manhattan is Marilyn Monroe’s refreshment of choice in the 1959 cult film Some Like It Hot. Whether you prefer to use a cocktail shaker or a hot water bottle à la Monroe, you’ll need angostura bitters, whiskey and sweet vermouth. Top it off with a maraschino cherry; you’ll be as sweet as Sugar.


manhattan some like it hot


5. Orange Whip, The Blues Brothers

Made popular by this soulful movie, this wacky combination of orange juice, vodka, rum and cream is flamboyant, to say the least. Not found on the average bar menu, you’ll need to hold onto your hat when treating yourself to this exhilarating creation.


orange whip the blues brothers


6. French 75, Casablanca

As bittersweet as this movie’s ending, the French 75 is a mixture of lemon juice, gin and sugar syrup. Topped with a splash of champagne, this cocktail reflects the titillating, yet tumultuous relationship between Rick and Ilsa. Named after an artillery gun used by the French in World War I, this cocktail is nothing but passion and drama.




7. Old Fashioned, Mad Men

The quintessential choice for Don Draper, the Old Fashioned is smooth, stylish and effortlessly sexy. A drink as timeless as the man himself, it’s a complex concoction of bourbon, angostura bitters, water and a sugar cube. The Casanova of drinks, you can’t help but to return to it time and time again.


Old Fashioned Mad Men


8. Red Eye, Cocktail

A hangover cure for many, the Red Eye from Tom Cruise’s classic movie, Cocktail, isn’t for the faint hearted. As a mixture of vodka, tomato juice, beer and a raw egg, it’s not nearly as appetising as others on this list. If anyone could convince us to try it, though, it’s 1980’s Tom Cruise and his swish bartending skills.




9. Moloko Plus, A Clockwork Orange

A cocktail as mind-boggling as its movie, one can only guess at the ingredients that make up this highly hallucinogenic brew. As moloko is the Russian word for milk, add a generous splash of absinthe to it to up the ante, but perhaps leave out the hardcore drugs when making this at home.


Moloko Plus A Clockwork Orange


10. Sweet Vermouth (on the rocks with a twist), Groundhog Day

Although not a cocktail in the classical sense, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Rita’s drink of choice in Groundhog Day. It’s as simple as pouring a sweet vermouth over ice and adding a twist of lemon peel.


Sweet Vermouth Groundhog Day


Whether you’re more of a Don Draper or a Carrie Bradshaw, there’s definitely an iconic beverage out there for everyone. Start with our list to help you find yours.

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