17 alcoholic drinks to fit your every mood

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Apr 26, 2018

drink for what mood
There are some drinks that were just made for certain situations, like an Espresso Martini when you need a serious energy boost, or a Bloody Mary to raise you from the dead during those god awful hangover days. Here are 17 boozy beverages to fit your every mood.

1. Craft beer

To impress your edgy mate

When you’re with your cool hipster friend and you’re trying to pretend you’re also really into craft beer, but actually you’re not even a beer person and can barely get down a Heineken.


2. Red wine

To look sophisticated

You’re out to dinner and need to order something kind of classy – a glass of red wine will do it (unless you’re ordering fish). You know the trick – order the second bottle down from the top of the menu; it’ll still be cheap enough, but not totally terrible.


3. White wine


You just got dumped. Cue a bottle of cheap white plonk with a straw, your onesie, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, and a date with the TV. Feeling better already!


4. Rose wine

Keeping everyone (kinda) happy

Red vs. white wine! When the whole table is in disagreement over what type of wine to get. The simplest solution – go for the Rose, the wine that is no one’s favourite, but is tolerated by everyone.


5. Margarita

Party time!

You’re in the mood to par-tay! The short and zingy Margarita cocktail is your ultimate partner in crime when it comes to having a good time… but also a guaranteed hangover creator (see No. 6).


6. Bloody Mary

Save me from hangover hell!!

Woke up sweating from way too many Margaritas last night? Head is pounding and it’s the least you can do to prise yourself off the bathroom floor? The only thing that can raise you from this terrible state is your good pal Bloody Mary. The simple sugars in the tomato juice give your dwindling glucose levels a good boost, plus the vodka is the hair of the dog you need to pull you through the day.


7. Old Fashioned

Flickering fire

Roaring fireplace, chilly winter’s eve and a glass of boozy Old Fashioned in your hand. This old-school whiskey cocktail is just the ticket to get you a nice level of woozy and all warmed up for bed.


8. Aperol Spritz

Rooftop drinks

The obligatory sunny-bank-holiday-on-a-rooftop drink. It started with a huge advertising campaign, and now it’s firmly engraved in our brains; sun’s out = Aperol Spritzes all ’round!


9. Glass of Bailey’s

Sweet treat

When you’re craving a little somethin’ sweet after dinner – you can almost persuade yourself the liquid calories don’t count.


10. Espresso Martini

After work pick-me-up

It’s been a long, long Friday at work, your boss was a total nightmare today, and you have two huge suitcases under your eyes. You need a pick-me-up sharpish or this night out is going to be a short one. Praise the lord for the Espresso Martini – an expensive, yet very effective way to wake you up and get you in the mood.


11. Vodka Red Bull

Get me in the ZONE

For when you’re out on the town with the gang, but you just can’t get in the mood. Last resort option – Vodka Red Bull. Let’s do this!!


12. Rum & Coke

Easy option

When you reach the bar and you feel really on the spot and just can’t decide what to order, a Rum & Coke is your go-to drink.


13. Cosmopolitan

Easy cocktail option

When you have no idea what anything else on the cocktail menu is. Avoid ordering something that tastes like a pond and go for the fail-safe option – the trusty vodka and cranberry cocktail, a Cosmopolitan – what’s not to love?!


14. Shandy

Pretending to be wholesome

For when you’ve been out the last five nights on the trot and then your mate asks you to go to the pub for a beer. You order a Shandy because technically, this is a night off the booze – and apparently the lemonade cancels out the alcohol, someone told you once.


15. Tequila slammers

To celebrate BIG style

On your 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th birthdays. Then suddenly you hit 30 and those tequila shot hangovers hit you HARD.


16. Bottle of Prosecco

To celebrate anything!

Baby shower, engagement, wedding, funeral, Monday evening; when is it not a good time for a glass/bottle of Prosecco?


17. Glass of water

Tonight is going to be a long one

Wah poor you. You’re either really really poor, or you got stuck with the driving duties.

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