3 delicious dessert cocktails you need to try ASAP

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May 04, 2020

3 delicious dessert cocktails you need to try ASAP
We all have William Schmidt to thank (or blame!) for the invention of the dessert cocktail (your thoughts will depend on how snobby you are about mixology).

The concept evolved from the habits of the 1890’s celebrity bartender, who wasn’t ashamed to garnish his cocktails with a generous dollop of sweet ice cream. His book ‘The Flowing Bowl’ told readers to “ornament” his Columbus Punch “with fruits and ice cream”. Not forgetting the ‘Ladies’ Great Favourite’ – a concoction of sherry, port and brandy with ice cream on top and a spoon on the side to gobble it all up.

You cynics can slate creamy sweet cocktails all you like but there’s no denying that many of us bar-goers have a penchant for the dessert-cocktail hybrids, or they would have died out years ago. For those with a sweet, boozy tooth, here are three delicious dessert cocktail classics you can try at home.

1. For a super easy fix – White Russian

This vintage serve is a creamy version of the famous vodka and coffee cocktail, the Black Russian. It’s lighter sister, the White Russian shot to fame after the release of 90’s cult classic The Big Lebowski, as it was a firm favourite of lead character “The Dude”. The drink is really easy to knock up at home, you just need to combine 2/3 oz coffee liqueur and 1 2/3 oz vodka into an ice-filled old fashioned glass, pour 1oz heavy cream on top, and stir slowly before enjoying.

2. For a retro classic – Brandy Alexander

This dessert cocktail was originally made with gin until the whole gin-banning thing came about in the 1920s. The spirit was swapped for brandy, and boom!, the cocktail became a global phenomenon. To try it at home, shake 1 oz fresh cream, 1 oz cognac and 1 oz crème de cacao with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and sprinkle with fresh ground nutmeg.

3. For a boozy feast – Kicked Up Coffee Granita

This beauty involves not one but two delicious sweet boozy liqueurs; the rich Kahlua is mixed with the coffee at the bottom of the glass, and the Baileys is mixed with the light, indulgent cream on the top. Pour 1 cup of good, strong coffee into a large, wide container (it will freeze faster) and let it cool before adding in 1 oz Kahlua. In another freezer-friendly container, pour 1/2 cup half-and-half cream (or any kind of milk). Scrape 1/4 of a vanilla bean and wisk. Add in 1 oz Baileys and stir. Place both containers in the freezer. After 45 minutes, take them out and scrape them with a fork before putting them back in for another 45 minutes. Keep repeating this operation until both the coffee and cream mixtures have reached a nice slushy consistency. Fill up a chilled glass with the coffee and Kahlua slush followed by the Baileys-vanilla-cream slush and serve.

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