7 batch cocktails you need to serve at your next house party

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Apr 11, 2018

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Batch cocktails get a bad rap, more often than not conjuring memories of lukewarm concoctions of cheap booze and fruit juice from student parties gone by. But that needn’t be the case any longer! Step up your game with these 7 easy batch cocktails to liven up your next house party.

1. Mojito

You might think that Mojitos can only be enjoyed in their classic form but that’s far from the truth, they can easily be scaled up for parties. Mint, rum and lime is a safe flavour combo, but why not experiment with different fruits and herbs to find a new favourite? If you want to go muddle free, make your own simple syrup and infuse it with your chosen herb, be it mint, rosemary or basil.


2. Mi Lang Negronis

Here’s the perfect drink for those chilled out gatherings with friends when you fancy something light, refreshing and softer than the regular bitterness of a Negroni. Infusing the gin with oolong tea adds a delightful herby flavour to the drink and with a whole bottle of it, this recipe really lends itself to being whipped up en masse!



3. Sangria

Sangria: the perennial big batch favourite that’s always a crowd pleaser. What’s not to love about wine, brandy and fruit? The perfect accompaniment for summer barbeques, this sangria is simple to make and easily replenished throughout the evening.



4. Whiskey Sour

Having a whiskey cocktail up your sleeve for parties is always a good idea and the classic whiskey sour will add a little old-world charm to any event. Omit the egg white, bulk up the quantities and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that can be prepped ahead of time.



5. Sparkling Cranberry Paloma

Add a touch of sparkle to your house party with this tequila-based cocktail. Substitute the usual grapefruit flavours for cranberry, to create a slightly sweeter cocktail that still retains the tartness that you expect from a Paloma. So, whip up a pitcher and your guests will be falling over themselves to grab a glass.



6. Fish House Punch

This classic punch is big on high proof booze, blending cognac, rum and peach brandy, so watch out! But it delivers on flavour and will be sure to get your party started in style.



7. Fireball Cider

All you need here are two ingredients: apple cider and cinnamon whiskey. It couldn’t be simpler! Apple and cinnamon are a tried and tested flavour combination, and with the heat from the whiskey this cocktail will hit the spot. Delicious both hot and cold, a batch of Fireball Cider will see you through all year round!



Now that you have these recipes in your arsenal, you’ll be sure to find something that suits everyone’s tastes, making your next house party a hit!

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