7 flambéing recipe ideas

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Apr 06, 2020

7 flambéing recipe ideas
Here are seven simple yet deliciously gourmet pairings which prove spirits still have plenty of surprises in store for us. With a match or a lighter to hand, all you need is a spark to get the show on the road!

Flambéing step by step

Although the flambéing technique looks impressive, in reality it is really easy to master. You simply need to heat up alcohol in a small pan, baste the food you wish to flambé and then set it alight. However, make sure you proceed with caution! Even a small amount of alcohol can create large flames. As a result, it is best to stay in the kitchen at all times when making these dishes, even if that means inviting your friends so they can watch and truly be impressed.


While the Scottish and Irish are still arguing over the origins of whisky, it remains a thriving spirit which has travelled far and wide. When coupled with scallops, it makes a daring surf-and-turf combo which is a guaranteed hit. If you love peat whisky, add a few slices of smoked bacon to flambéed scallops to echo the smoky taste that is so characteristic of this spirit.

…and crustaceans

Cognac adds a slightly wooded flavor to king prawns, seasoned to your taste. This superbly original pairing, where the Mediterranean meets Charente, comes into its own when flambéed. Add a sprinkling of chili to enhance the whole thing and to keep the flame going.

Crêpes: a delicious dessert to set the world alight

Flambéed crêpes are more than just a spectacle, they are a French tradition. To awaken your taste buds, opt for a sprinkling of citrus fruit zest, some orange segments and a squeeze of lemon juice. These summer fruits are sure to set these traditional crêpes alight, especially when flambéed in cognac at the last minute.

Pastis: water (and fire)’s best friend

Birds of a feather flock together… and the aniseed flavors of fennel and Pastis make them a perfect pairing. In summer, with cicadas as a tuneful backdrop to your dinner, a spoonful of Pastis added to your salad dressing will give a southern French twist to your starter. For a warm dish, flambé pan-fried fennel in Pastis to keep your guests warm as the sun goes down – and why not keep the French theme going by finishing off the evening with a game of pétanque?

Pirate-style pineapple!

You are sure to have heard of pineapple flambéed in rum, a classic with an exotic twist. Why not succumb to this modern combo with its sweet, syrupy flavors? After roasting the pineapple with a few drops of honey, simply flambé it in cognac. This pairing is a great alternative to using rum, a spirit which instantly makes you think of the adventures of Jack Sparrow.

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