7 of the spookiest Halloween cocktails

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Apr 25, 2018

Get your spook on this Halloween with some ultra-creepy cocktail recipes. From candyfloss vodka shots to plastic syringe garnishes and jet-black squid ink cocktails, here are 7 of our favourites. Tuck in and enjoy!

1. Candyfloss vodka shots

Kick off your Halloween party with some playful candyfloss shooters that look just like there are some spooky little ghosts propped up on your shot glass. As you down the drink, the vodka immediately dissolves the candyfloss, adding a touch of sweetness, which balances out the strong and powerful taste of the vodka nicely.


2. Caramel apple cocktail

Like a boozy version of your favourite treat on a stick, the adult version of caramel apples really brings those Halloween vibes! Delicious, sweet caramel vodka matches beautifully zingy apple juice in this great little Halloween creation.


3. Bloody orange cocktail

Garnishing with plastic syringes is a very simple yet effective way to spook your guests, that coupled with the red raspberry lurking in the bottom of the glass, makes these bloody orange cocktails look super scary.


4. Dark and Stormy death punch

This classic cocktail, the Dark and Stormy, gets a creepy twist with a sinister-looking lych-‘eye’ garnish bobbing around in your glass. Minimal hassle for maximum scare factor! Get your freak on with this death punch!


5. Blackbeard’s cocktail

This head-turning cocktail is jet black thanks to the addition of a special (and quite weird) ingredient – squid ink! But you can, of course, leave it out if it’s just too fishy for you! The spiced rum and chocolate are just as delicious all on their own, even if you do lose that stunning colour.


6. Purple potion

If you really want to wow (or scare) the crowd, make this amazing purple vodka cocktail, served with billowing dry ice. It’ll take a bit of extra effort to create, but the results will certainly be worth it! Get some friends together and whip up this eerie purple potion on the next full moon!


7. Frog in a blender

This cocktail looks just as gross and blood-curdling as you’d expect! Blending vodka, cranberry and lime wheels together creates something that looks pretty squirm worthy! Can you bring yourself to drink the poor old squashed frog?! Do you dare drink the Frog in a blender?


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