7 ways to get your friends on the dance floor

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Jun 04, 2018

get your friends on the dance floor
You don't want to hit the bar/club only to end up with friends slumped in the corner all night! Boo! Here are seven cheeky hacks that are guaranteed to get your gang up and raring to go on the dance floor, all night long.

1. First off, get them on the rum cocktails

Think Latin American style – these guys drink the stuff by the gallon and they’re forever salsa-ing the night away. Get in a round of Cuba Libres, and you’ll soon have everyone in the mood for dancing.



2. Persuade a group of hotties to join you on the dance floor

Get those hotties from across the bar to join you in busting some moves on the dance floor – we can bet your friends will be more than eager to join in on the action. After all, they won’t want to miss out on a chance to get with that good-looking blond!


3. Time to get in a round of Espresso martinis!

We all know that there is no better way to pump up the slump on a night out than an espresso martini or three… this coffee cocktail is packed with caffeine and sugar, and too delicious to resist –
it just can’t fail to get your crew in the mood to strut their stuff.


4. Request your mate’s favourite song from the DJ

Ask the DJ or band to play that cheesy George Michael song your mate has a guilty soft spot for and they won’t be able to help but start shimmying in their seat – that’s your cue to pull them onto that dance floor to get their groove on.


5. Rock out to live music

Live music always gets people buzzing. Head to a bar with a band playing (either a band you all love, or one that does covers so everyone will know the tunes). The energy of the crowd at a gig is super infectious – your friends will catch the fun vibes in no time and will soon be rocking away with you to Sweet Home Alabama (or maybe something cooler).


6. Remember to bring a spare pair of flats in your bag

There’s always one friend who has worn those ridiculous towering heels into town, only to end up limping about after just five minutes in the bar. Bring a spare pair of plimsolls with you so they’ve got no excuses not to join you in the Macarena later!


7. And if all else fails… Jägerbombs away!

Sure, Jägerbombs are not quite the classiest of drinks, but these little beauties sure do the trick when it comes to rousing up your tired pals! The dynamite concoction of a Jägermeister shot, plus a few swigs of caffeine-packed Red Bull is a guaranteed energy boost. If this doesn’t get them jumping out of their seats, nothing will!


Photo by @egg_club_london on Instagram

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