Alhambra cocktail at Bonhomie - summer in a glass

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Mar 05, 2019

Alhambra cocktail at Bonhomie - summer in a glass
Bonhomie is a self-described “soulful playground” and this is obvious from even the first glance at the cocktail menu, which is filled with flavours that will bring you a sip of summer sunshine in a glass.

Simplicity with a twist sums it up nicely. Kick back with friends in this relaxed and casual bar and take your time over the refreshing cocktails on a warm evening.

Look no further than the Alhambra for a grown-up and chic reworking of a classic spritzer, this is the perfect cool-down drink and dangerously easy to knock back – just how we like them! Steve Guven, head barman at Bonhomie, serves the drink explaining the southern Spanish influences behind this menu favourite. He looked to Granada and the iconic Alhambra palace (literally translating to “red one” in Arabic) as the starting point for the cocktail. The colour of the drink is orangey-pink, somewhere between grapefruit and pomegranate, served in a wine glass with a wafer-thin slice of jasmine infused apple over three ice cubes. “This keeps it cold and softens the aromas”, adds Steve.


Here’s how to make this seriously refreshing and fragrant cocktail:

  • Start with a base syrup of rose petals, jasmine, frankincense and verjus
  • Next is a measure of Contratto (it’s a bitter similar to Apérol or Campari)
  • Add 2 dashes of red bitters – choose from Peychauds or Suze – for a hint of anise
  • Finally, add ice and top with Cava for delicate fizz and to lighten the flavours

The Arabic inspiration comes through the incense and rose, and Cava brings the Mediterranean vibe that Bonhomie is all about. Take a seat at the folding windows that open out onto a quietly bustling street with an Alhambra in hand. This is the cocktail you need this summer.

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