Door 74


Door 74


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Enjoy fine cocktails in this classy speakeasy hidden in Amsterdam. A great atmosphere and crowd make it a World's Best Bar to visit!

The world is not short of Prohibition era, 1920s-style bars. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say there’s something of a glut of them recently. But perhaps because of the focus such bars place on the quality of their drinks, the best examples of this breed still feel fresh and exciting. Door 74 is case in point. Hidden away and easy to overlook, this bar boasts an attractive dark-wood dominated art deco interior and prides itself on quality cocktails. There’s no cover charge or off-putting ‘face control’, customers are just expected to ‘behave like gentlemen and ladies.’ So with that in mind you can choose between a cooling rye and ginger ale, a 74 Cobbles with white wine and elderflower or a White Zombie Doctor with a killer slug of slivovitz.

What their peers say

“One of my favourite bars I’ve seen lately is “Door 74”. It is a pain to find in Amsterdam  without a single sign, door number or light, just a totally black painted front-door with no sign of life inside. But once you’re inside, you find a really cosy venue with a huge bar where you can find one of the craziest bitter selections I’ve seen in a long time. The bar staff are very friendly and their drinks are awesome, definitively a place to find.” Arnaud Chevalier of The Worship Street Whistling Shop, London

“After spending years travelling the world as the global brand ambassador for Bols, Phil Duff decided to close his expense account and open up a bar: but not just any bar. Accessed through an unmarked door down the street from his partner Sergei’s lounge Fejoa, Door 74 is a dimly lit boite where Mr. Duff and his team serve an intelligent mix of classics and house cocktails from the boss’s stash of rare spirits.” – Jim Meehan of PDTNew York

“A bar with charm that quite simply sweeps you off your feet!” Ryan Magarian