Riva Bar


Riva Bar


4.3 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Riva Bar has a great terrace which is a big draw for this bar in Amsterdam. Especially popular in the summer. Make sure you visit when in the area!

Riva is a very welcome addition to the city’s drinking scene, enlivening a rather dull area on the Amstel riverside, out near the business park. The terrace is the big draw here, its great glass walls allowing you to enjoy the view of the water and, as a result, the place really comes into its own in summer. Inside it’s very modern, bright and clean with several witty little touches to the design – the ceiling looks like it’s made up of a series of lapping white waves, a light fitting resembles a shoal of fish.

You really want to bag a spot by the river if you can though these go fast at busy times – but if the weather forces you indoors, you won’t suffer unduly as the interior is atmospheric too. It’s airy, light and white seating, white pillars – a far cry from the usual Dutch brown café aesthetic but sometimes a change is welcome. In terms of food and drink, the bar has an extensive wine list, including 12 wines by the glass and a good variety of spirits and mixers as well as a selection of snacks and plates nothing too earth-shattering but good all the same – to go with your drink while you soak up the sun.