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May 11, 2018

Edel is a hip spot in the Baarsjes, housed in a vast building called ‘The Sieraad’, formerly a school for jewellers.

Edel (also called Lokaal Edel) is a hip spot in the Baarsjes, housed in a vast building called ‘The Sieraad’, formerly a school for jewellers. It’s had a bit of a revamp recently and now sports a cosy vintage vibe, which is really appealing. Bulbs hang from the ceiling like stars and there’s characterful tile floor. There are mismatched chairs and the whole space is lovely and light and white.

It’s a great lunch spot with a food menu featuring serve tartare and a great house burger. For dinner they have salads and various tasty grilled things (along with the ubiquitous frites with mayonnaise).

The menu changes monthly and they do a decent coffee as well as a range of beers, spirits and wines – and a cheeky cocktail or two. It’s not just a daytime-into-evening spot either and their Edelwise party nights are well worth experiencing.