Axis Lobby & Cocktail Bar


4 / 5

Mar 04, 2021

You know that bar where the bartenders’ outfits are so cool, the gin collection is so extensive, and every detail…

You know that bar where the bartenders’ outfits are so cool, the gin collection is so extensive, and every detail is so well designed that you cannot wait to Instagram it all? Now would you believe that such a bar could be found inside an airport hotel? Well, we didn’t believe it possible either, until we went to the Axis Lobby & Cocktail Bar, and were forced to admit defeat.

The vibe is modern but comfortable, with deep blue velvet couches and a giant circular bar surrounded by elegant stools. It creates the perfect backdrop for a random meet-cute or an evening of nice conversation with a travel companion you just met.

The staff’s prohibition-era uniforms resonate nicely with the art deco gold panels that adorn the walls. Behind them, an island of bottles takes center stage, with gin as the main character. So many gins! Not surprising really, considering that their collection is the house’s specialty. In the well-designed passport lookalike menu, several pages are dedicated to this beverage of choice. The title of the page says it all “Gin is a solution to every problem”. Well don’t we all agree… Sorted by country, each gin is carefully selected and sourced. Since you’re in Amsterdam, why not opt for a local distillery, with just a simple tonic to really bring out all the flavor? Trust your friendly bartender, they will know precisely which pairing will be best for your selected drink.

If you’re not in the mood for gin (you are, after all, entitled to your own preferences), the extensive cocktail and wine list will be sure to convince you to take at least one small nightcap. Do not hesitate to trust the staff and try out a new cocktail or set of flavors that you are not used to: the elaborated cocktail list is not just for show and the well-trained bartenders truly deliver. If you’re craving a bite to recover from that airplane food, the international menu is simple, but good. And sometimes a good, simple burger is really just what you need, you know?