Beer Temple


Beer Temple


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May 11, 2018

The clue's in the name. Beer Temple is a god-send to those who relish a glass of hoppy goodness...

The clue’s in the name. Beer Temple is a god-send to those who relish a glass of hoppy goodness. The bar stocks around 30 varieties on tap plus around 100 bottled beers (check the chalkboard behind the bar for details). Perhaps surprisingly, the focus here is not on local beers, but on American ales and lagers, many of which have been sourced from micro-breweries in the US.

While some of the names may be familiar, many won’t be, and even the most ardent aficionado can have some fun exploring the list of craft beers. Not every beer they stock is American, and while you’re at it, you’ll also want to try the bar’s own house beer; called Tempelbier, it’s a pale ale which is more European in character and is produced in a local brewery.

The bar staff know their business and are happy to advise if you want to try something new. The space itself is relaxed and comfortable, spacious by the standards of the city, and the atmosphere is casual as you might expect; you can either perch at the bar at the front or head to the back room, which has been decked out diner-style with booth seating.

Upturned beer kegs double as seating, though the bar only serves snacks rather than full meals. There are a few outside tables for summer supping and there’s a really friendly vibe to the place which makes staying for a second round all the more appealing.