Amsterdam-Outer Amsterdam

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Pllek in Amsterdam has an industrial feel, the hip man-made beach bar is housed in a metal building with panoramic views of IJ River! A must visit.

The NDSM area of Amsterdam Noord used to be home to a vast ship building business and, while times have changed, the area still has a rough, raw industrial feel to it. Pllek capitalises on this post-industrial vibe. The hip (manmade) beach bar is housed in a building of corrugated metal which looks a bit like a massive shipping container, albeit one which boasts a panoramic view of the IJ River. There’s a really lively, agreeable atmosphere to the place, the waterside location influencing the mood of the diverse and alternative crowd. The sand isn’t the smoothest admittedly but the beach is peppered with plenty of beanbags and loungers on which to sit while inside the bar the hard metallic edges are offset by colourful posters and wall art (and a glitter ball or two). The chilled beach bar atmosphere shifts in the evening when Pllek becomes home to one of Amsterdam’s largest disco ball. It’s worth noting that the last ferry back to the mainland leaves at midnight during the week and 1:00 on the weekends if you’re planning to party. The bar stocks a good range of drinks, plenty of cool beer for sipping in the sun, alongside a range of good quality, organic products including homemade sandwiches and fresh juices.