Café Tapmarin


Café Tapmarin


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May 11, 2018

A renovated and revamped neighborhood bar in Amsterdam, Cafe Tapmarin has been filling the famously fun-filled town's nights with good times for decades.

Founded in the early 70s, Amsterdam’s Cafe Tapmarin is a neighborhood bar with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Located a short cycle from the heart of the city’s cool De Pijp neighborhood (and recently renovated to be bigger and better than ever), Tapmarin takes its cue from the eccentricity of the area, by offering a classic Amsterdam ‘brown bar’ experience, with some unexpected twists. Like many bars in Amsterdam, you will find worn walls adorned with faded posters (in this case pin-ups), round wooden bar stools, and plenty of character around every corner at Cafe Tapmarin, but it’s those aforementioned quirky touches that make it truly one-of-a-kind. Take for instance, one of the most popular carnival games of all time: the crane machine. While you may be used to manoeuvring a mechanical claw in order to scoop up a stuffed animal or other trinket, at Tapmarin, you are rewarded with miniature bottles of a potent German spirit, perfect for enjoying as a shooter. And for those who always wanted to be on the other side of the bar, Cafe Tapmarin offers a privétap, where private parties can pour their own beer, creating a festive atmosphere to say the least.

Combine all this with a fine selection of tap beer, spirits, and quintessentially Dutch bar food (think croquettes, cheese cubes, and meatballs), and you have a night out in Amsterdam you won’t forget.
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