Please Be Quiet

Arona-City Centre

0 / 5

May 11, 2018

A secret hideaway on the shores of Italy's Lake Maggiore, Please Be Quiet excels at every last bit of the speakeasy cocktail drinking experience.

Located on the shores of Italy’s gorgeous Lake Maggiore, Please Be Quiet is one of the most special venues we’ve come across in Europe, and while they may politely ask for a low level of volume, we hope they forgive us for shouting about the place. First things first, Please Be Quiet is a speakeasy, and you’ll need to know the password to enter for the first time (hint: brush up on your American Prohibition history). Once inside, you can become a member and then you are free to return during your membership’s validity, and trust us, you are going to want to take the plunge . That’s because the decor is the epitome of vintage glamour (everything has been painstakingly selected to create an authentic 1930s vibe), and the cocktails being poured are some of the finest in Northern Italy. Yes, next to the antique typewriters, piano, pinstripes, and plush Parisian couches, you’re bound to have a drink that will make your night. The excellence in mixology comes from their steadfast dedication to only using the finest ingredients, and this especially shines through on cocktails like the Bottle No.3 (Vodka, violet liqueur, lemon, vanilla, and oak smoke), the Clermont Smash (bourbon, falernum, mint, sugar, lemon, and bitters), and the Luce De Sole (vodka, classic Italian aperitif, lime, orange, and honey). Yes, you’re definitely going to want to hurry to Please Be Quiet, just don’t order a spritz (they famously don’t serve them) or get too loud when you get there.