Baba Au Rum
    City-Center, Athens

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    Baba au Rhum (which handily abbreviates to B.A.R) is a welcome addition to Athens' nightlife. Situated south of the parliament square, cocktails are taken seriously here. They serve all the tried and tested favourites as well as a few concoctions of their own making. Given the name, it's no surprise that rum drinks dominate the list. The bar tenders are friendly and if they have the time (it gets quite busy on weekends) they'll happily mix you up something tailored to your tastes. The mood is pleasantly laid back: this is not an all out party place, rather a bar to sit and linger and savour good drinks, made with care. The atmosphere is elevated by the music, which eschews Europop for classic tracks the Beatles are clearly a favourite and jazz and blues.

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