Red Carpet Champagne Bar
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    Selling premium international drinks and doling out fun by the iced bucket-load, Red Carpet Champagne Bar is a favourite hangout for visitors and locals alike. Once you've swaggered down the literal red carpet into the lively entrance, you'll be met by a crowd of female staff dressed in cute red and white busboy-style outfits. Don't write the place off based on the waitstaff attire, though; these girls have entertained some of the world's most famous patrons, from party girls like Paris Hilton to international artists, actors and producers - not to mention that these outfits are so popular with customers that the bar now sells them for purchase. The drinks menu is overwhelming in its length and entirety, with each drink accompanied by its own description and selling point. The range of champagne stretches from Laurent Perrier, Lanson and Dom Perignon to Tattinger, Salon and Cristal, the most expensive being a 2002 bottle of the latter that sells for $2200. For those looking to spend a little less on their night out, Red Carpet Champagne Bar also offers an impressive range of spirits and cocktails, all devised to be enjoyed either before or after dinner or to get the party started (shots). The interior of the bar is sleek, black and sultry, but the atmosphere is definitely one of frivolity, with Red Carpet Champagne Bar holding regular parties, music quizzes and food tasting events to complement their range of champagnes. The weekly Ladies Night allows female customers the chance to enjoy reduced price drinks dependent on the height of their heels, while the range of premium cigars offers a more masculine respite from the buzz of Seminyak's lively strip. Read More Photo credit:

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