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Highland Nectar


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May 11, 2018

The king of whisky bars in Bangalore, Highland Nectar is a chic space dedicated to the venerable spirit, lifting the spirits of all who enter its space.

Specializing in pouring Scotland’s finest export, Highland Nectar has become a standard-bearer on the Bangalore nightlife scene by serving its vast whisky selection in the most sophisticated and stylish of settings. Located within the lush confines of the ITC Gardenia hotel, Highland Nectar eschews the temptation to pair whisky with a restrained and reserved space, instead opting to delight the eyes with bold shades of blue. The large island bar positively glows indigo, and the powder blue chairs that populate the space contrast with the light wood floor and colorful shelves lined with whisky artifacts brilliantly. While the decor is certainly stunning, it is the whisky you’ve come to Highland Nectar for, and as you would expect, the bar impresses with Bangalore’s largest selection of single malts – many stored in their signature ‘malt vault’.   Whether you choose to sip your whisky straight up, on the rocks, or blended in one of their superb house cocktails, the bar staff at Highland Nectar will graciously tend to all your libation needs, while maybe teaching you a thing or two about the world of whisky in the process. Yes, the venue is also well known for serving flights of whisky, which allow guests to savor the flavors from different whisky-producing regions and contrast them, picking up a little bit of knowledge about this special liquor in the process.