Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A fun and frolicking spot in Bangalore, Monkey Bar has raised the bar when it comes to international gastropub fare and fresh-shaken creative cocktails.

A playful space bringing the best of the international gastropub world to Bangalore, Monkey Bar has quickly established itself as one of the best places in town for fun, food, and most of all, cocktails. Using the light-hearted monkey theme in almost everything they do, Monkey Bar is a beautiful two-level venue with rustic brick and chalkboard walls, slick booths, an eclectic collection of framed pictures – many of monkeys, and even a moped (which is, naturally, ridden by a stuffed monkey). In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that you had just stepped into a trendy bar and grill in New York or Chicago. The food at Monkey Bar runs the gamut from American inspired – think burgers, nachos, and sloppy joe’s – to Asian – kung fu rolls, ricotta and paneer kebabs, and pot stickers. It’s the cocktails though that have created the biggest commotion since the bar’s opening, with Monkey Bar bringing a creative list of drinks inspired by the flavors of the East to the table. Delicious specialties like the Mangaa – premium vodka, refreshing Indian mango drink aam panna, cumin, sweet lime, and salt – the Incredible Sulk – premium rum, Indian shaved ice, lime, and soda – and the Shazia Imli – premium citrus vodka blended with tamarind chutney – all combine flavors brilliantly and result in fun and refreshing tipples, much like Monkey Bar itself.