Apinara Thai Cuisine & Bar


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May 11, 2018

A branch of the Nara Thai Cuisine family in Bangkok, Apinara combines the fantastic food the brand is famous for with a collection of splendid cocktails.

Founded in 2003, Nara has blossomed to become a family of restaurants in Bangkok, all offering a journey into the heart of tantalizing Thai cuisine. Apinara is their latest venture, expanding the brand into the wonderful world of cocktails. Like all Naras in Bangkok, Apinara’s decor sets the tone for things to come, as it is both modern (marble floors and black-and-white mosaic-ed walls) and traditional (lily flower-inspired lighting fixtures, hanging plants, and Thai pottery). This mix carries over to the cuisine, as the bounty of dishes on offer can compete on flavor with the famous traditional market stalls of buzzing Bangkok, but are presented with a thoroughly modern touch (and quite beautifully we might add) on pristine plateware, often featuring bamboo leaves and garnishes whose colors run the gamut of the rainbow. Some of their signature dishes include starters like Som Tam Moo Krob (spicy papaya salad with crispy pork cracklings), soups such as the creamy Tom Yum Kung (prawns with lemongrass and lime) and mains like Gai Tord Sauce Manao (crispy chicken in lime sauce) and Phu Tord Prik Thai Dam (fried peppered crab). What separates Apinara from the pack though, is their selection of superb cocktails. All tipples are refreshing, and put together using the freshest fruit juices and finest spirits, are guaranteed to cool you down after the spicy Thai cuisine.