Baan Puen

Baan Puen


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A cool and casual space created for catching up with friends and listening to live music, Baan Puen is an oasis of friendliness in the heart of Bangkok.

Located on the upper terrace of the perpetually-popular Ekamai Mall in Bangkok, Baan Puen – which roughly means ‘friend’s house’ in Thai – is a laid back, welcoming, indoor/outdoor space.

In the middle of a district that is known more for bars with ever-so-slightly exaggerated attitudes, Baan Puen has quickly established itself as the place to go to enjoy a chilled-out space low on frills but overflowing with good times. Baan Puen makes an industrial, minimalist first impression, as corrugated-metal walls and roof surround the bar tables, but they are balanced out beautifully from the warmth of dangling leafy palms, fairy lights, and fresh air to create a truly inviting atmosphere. The tables are wooden, bench-style beauties, reinforcing from the start that Baan Puen is a relaxed spot perfect for catching up with friends, old or new.

Drinks are as friendly as the venue, with a full range of Thai and international beers and a range of house cocktails like Jeab’s Martini – vodka and peach – 6 Days 7 Nights – gin and mixed berries – and the Elsa – rum, melon liqueur, and pineapple juice. There is also a range of fruity and refreshing signature house buckets, shooters, and fantastic bar bites if you get hungry.

Live music plays a major role in the fun at Baan Puen too, as the owner of the bar plays in a band, and you’ll often spot his band or other Bangkok favorites taking to the stage. Their official slogan is “friendship starts here”, and after one visit to Baan Puen we’re betting you’ll see exactly what they mean.

Main photo credit: Baan Puen official Facebook page