Great View

Long Table


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Home to some of the finest views in all of Bangkok, tantalising Thai food, and exquisite cocktails and wine, Long Table resides in rarefied air indeed.

Perched on the twenty-fifth floor of a skyscraping building in the center of Bangkok, Long Table impresses with its sweeping views over the city, terrific cocktails, and mouthwatering Thai cuisine. Long Table enthralls from the moment you exit your elevator journey and and enter its doors, as the sleek venue is home to low-slung leather couches that sprawl out throughout the space, bathing under both glamorous Hollywood-esque white bulbs and luminous mood lighting in assorted warm colors. All of this sits in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window that puts Bangkok on display, as if it was a mural in the middle of the venue. One of Long Table’s luxurious tables must be mentioned, as it is the longest dining table in all of Thailand. While it may sound gimmicky, the table is an absolute stunner, and truly anchors the room. 

The Thai cuisine on offer is splendid, featuring familiar favourites done the traditional way, spicy new takes on classics, and a handful of signature dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the city. We can’t stop thinking about the cocktails, though, as they are all expertly blended and poured, and best enjoyed on Long Table’s breezy terrace at sunset. Some of our favourites are the Bangkok Cosmopolitan – premium mandarin-flavored vodka, orange-kissed liqueur, and cranberry and lime juices; the Som-O – premium vodka, cherry brandy,orange liqueur, pomelo fruit, cinnamon syrup and pomegranate juice; and the Long Table Margarita, featuring premium blanco tequila and the flavours of lemongrass and macadamia nut. In addition, a well curated wine list and spirit shelves impress almost as much as the view.