RE 234


RE 234


4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The beautiful colonial R.E 234 Bar in Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect tea house to spend your evening.

Taking a leap back in time to the British colonial period, RE bar is
a brilliant display of fine food and excellent drinks. Owner Drac Suvarnapradip
took inspiration from renaissance Britain and the Rattan era to come up with
the incredible décor inside R.E. The name was carefully chosen by the bar
owner, because it has been 234 years since the beginning of the Rattenakosin
era and the Thai Rama VI era which ties in with their fusion food menu. Tucked
away behind some quiet alleyways, this dainty tea-house is kept a secret for
those who are looking for fine eloquent relaxation. We suggest trying their
delicious rose tea which is brewed freshly in their open bar.


Live jazz music plays softly in the background while they serve
infusions of European and Thai cuisine. We recommend opting for the tiger
prawns with pomodero sauce or perhaps the pork chops stuffed with pesto. There are
also the favourite BBQ ribs that can’t be left unmentioned!  Don’t forget to try some tasty mariage freres
with your tea as they are to die for! The vintage furniture and century old
artwork looks particularly beautiful of an evening as the sun starts to set
through the giant roof windows.