Wine I Love You

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Wine I Love You


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May 11, 2018

A shrine to the humble grape, Wine I Love You is a bistro-style restaurant and bar featuring a huge array of international wines and a cellar-esque decor.

The interior of Wine I Love You is reminiscent of an expansive wine cellar; tall exposed roof rafters, barrels, industrial piping, exposed lightbulbs and rows upon rows of wine bottles. The marble-topped tables and bistro-style chairs that fill the floor space though demonstrate that Wine I Love You is much more than just a drinking den, it’s one which labels itself as a bar and bistro serving European-inspired food, too.
As hinted at in the name, Wine I Love You is a shrine to all things grape. There is no printed wine list, however – customers can make their bottle selection by wandering the many shelves (arranged by world region, with prices hand-written on corks underneath each bottle) and informing their server of their selection. All of the major wine-producing regions of the world are represented and prices range from house wine specials to vintage Bordeauxs. But if wine really isn’t your thing, Wine I Love You also serves fresh smoothies, sodas, shakes, tea and coffee, along with a small handful of local and international beers. Reading the food menu at Wine I Love You is like taking an international trip – there’s everything from fish & chips to truffled fettuccine, quesadillas and German ham hock, along with several pages dedicated to more traditional Thai dishes like massaman curry and mee goreng. And best of all, Wine I Love You features an outdoor terrace overlooking the skyscrapers and bustling Sukhumvit Road below, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.