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May 11, 2018

Bestial is a chic and minimalist bar attracting an upbeat crowd in Barcelona. They have a beautiful waterfront terrace, so relax and take in the view.

OK, we’ll get the ‘Bestial is anything but beastly’ joke out of the way straight away because this place really is quite something. It’s part of the Grupo Tragaluz empire, the name behind other Barcelona venues Pez Vella, Agua and Gallito as well as a host of outfits across Spain. Unsurprisingly, since it opened in 2002, fashion and media types have been flocking to this chic, minimalist style bar, the surprise package of a Barcelona waterfront not known for its hip quotient until recently. Located opposite Frank Gehry’s copper fish sculpture and a short walk from the Hotel Arts, it’s a vast, airy, multi-level space with a beautiful waterfront terrace to on which chill out, sipping fine cocktails and tasting delicious Italian-Catalan dishes while taking in a view that is simply divine. The grey-brown tones of the interior give it a slightly cool impersonal feel, and if you’re not keen on creepy crawlies, you might be freaked out by the fact that the giant windows are adorned with a dramatic insect mural courtesy of artist Frederic Amat, which some people might find an odd choice to accompany your food. But don’t be put off, as the crowd is warm and upbeat despite their groomed, designer-clad appearance. (Though, really, we’d say that outside is the place to be we really are quite taken with that wide open terrace, since who can resist eating with a view of the water?). The service is attentive and friendly, and considering where it’s located, the prices are pretty reasonable. It does attract the tourists inevitably but they happily mix with the trendy locals and the vibe is pretty relaxed. Just where did they get the name though?