Cafe de L'Opera
    City-Center, Barcelona

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    With its delightfully dated façade, Café de L'Opera is a Barcelona institution. The place is all gorgeous old world charm, with its lovely, high-ceilinged interior conjuring up a bygone era, with a definite nod to Parisian chic. Located just across from Liceu Opera House in the middle of tourist Mecca La Ramblas, this place has been around since the late 1920s and, when you're inside, you can easily imagine that you're stepping back in time. The waiters, too, are polite and friendly in a way that is sadly nowadays a little old-fashioned. There's a selection of food and drinks on offer the coffees, churros and cakes are generally great (the hot chocolate is simply divine) and it's a popular destination for breakfast, whether you just want a croissant to set up for the day or you're after some heartier fare. If you're wandering around the Ramblas this is an ideal spot to pause, offering ample people watching possibilities. Prices are about what you'd expect for the location you're paying slightly over the odds but not offensively so, and at least in Café de L'Opera you can see where the money goes. Though the crowd is inevitably fairly touristy, the relaxed atmosphere makes for a more palatable venue than many of the surrounding tourist traps. There's a reasonable selection of wines and beers on offer and if you're smitten with the venue, they do a range of products to take home, so you can buy some Café L'Opera gourmet chocolates or tea and recreate the moment long after you've come home.

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