• Great food
4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An utterly stylish brunch-centric restaurant and bar in Barcelona, Firebug pours both creative and classic cocktails from morning to midnight.

Bringing a unique-in-the-city combination of brunch, bistro fare, and cocktails to Barcelona, Firebug has quickly found its feet as one of the city’s hottest addresses. The interior of Firebug deserves a few words right off the bat as it is light, fresh, and put us in a cheery mood from the moment we laid eyes upon it. Lush palms and succulents, light woods, and exposed brick walls (many adorned with sculpted artwork) are mashed up with vintage suitcases and various vibrant pillows and rugs. And about those suitcases: they have been stacked to create one of the most aesthetically-awesome bar facades we’ve seen in Barcelona, and it’s where you’ll find us when we’re here.  It’s what comes across the bar-top that has us even more impressed with Firebug though, as a combination of brunch cocktails and those perfect for sipping both day and night are poured with precision and flair, pairing perfectly with their hip fare. But let’s start with breakfast, as we love a good Michelada in the morning, and they make theirs the authentic Mexican way with lager beer, salsa, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime. There’s also two takes on the Bloody Mary – one with vodka and one with tequila – and both guarantee to start your day right. Perfect for later in the day, the playful Bling Bling (rum, melon liqueur, banana cream, and both pineapple and lemon juice) and Boozy Red Beri (premium vodka, creme de cassis, raspberry puree, lime, and sugar) truly deliver the goods, as do their line of classic cocktails, all served with a fun ‘Firebug’ twist.