La Fira

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La Fira


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May 11, 2018

La Fira in Barcelona is a fantastical fairground ride for revelers. It has an extensive cocktail list with over 150 spirits!

Creating a fantastical fairground ride for dedicated revellers (La Fira means Fair), the owner of this bizarre booze boutique brought the rusting scraps of a disused funfair here from Germany piece-by-piece. Drinkers can gaze into vintage distorting mirrors, try out the fairground games or roundabouts or have their fortunes read. There really is nowhere like it, and it’s worth checking out for the décor alone where else can you drink your great cocktail in a dodgem car? (They frown on that in actual fairgrounds, we’ve asked.)

The well-stocked amazing bar has over 150 kinds of spirits and an extensive cocktail menu, and the music is a mix of Anglo and Spanish pop that gets the regulars dancing until the early hours (as with many Barcelona venues, the party doesn’t get started till very late, so don’t turn up early expecting a buzzing scene). The drinks aren’t outrageously priced considering the setting, and the fact that it’s slightly off the beaten track means that it’s not as packed with tourists as you might expect with such a unique destination La Fira attracts a lot of locals and regulars, which gives it a relaxed and friendly atmosphere even when busy.

(Be warned, also, that the ubiquity of the name ‘Fira’ means you have to be very clear where you’re going, or you could end up at a hotel or even a trade fairß-) But if you make it to this Tim Burtonesque bar, you’ll be glad you did, as it’s an experience not soon forgotten. Part fairy tale, part Fellini, we say sit back on a swing, take a sip, and enjoy the ride.

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