Mercer Cocktail Bar


Mercer Cocktail Bar


4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Inside of one of Barcelona's finest hotels, the Mercer Cocktail Bar is an elegant establishment dedicated to the art of crafting classic cocktails.

Set among the narrow, serpentine streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the five star Mercer hotel is an oasis of opulence and luxury in the sunny Catalan city. And inside the hotel, the Mercer Cocktail Bar is the place to go to sip cocktails made with precision and prowess after a day fully soaking in the ambiance of this special city. The sleek bar that is the utmost of modern refinement in its decor has been placed within ancient Roman walls with over two thousand years of history, and these stones set the tone for a bar experience like nothing else in Barcelona. One look at the menu or brief chat with a member of bar staff at the Mercer Cocktail Bar will show you that they obsess over the classics, churning out superior versions of favorites like manhattans, martinis, americanos, and old fashioneds with reverence and skill. It is their dedication to the slightly lesser known staples like the Sazerac – rye whiskey, absinthe, lemon, sugar, and bitters – and the Horse’s Neck – brandy or bourbon, ginger ale, bitters, and a curving slice of lemon – that truly separates this bar from the pack. As we are in Spain, naturally, the Mercer Cocktail Bar is also home to an enthralling list of premium gins from around the world, and they mix up a kaleidoscope of gin and tonic combinations for their guests. The Mercer Cocktail bar also offers an abundant selection of other fine spirits, Spanish wine – including a myriad of cava, and Champagnes, but it’s the cocktails that will have you lingering well into the evening.