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3.8 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Mutis is a glamorous members-only speakeasy bar in a converted apartment in Eixample. Come for the cocktails, live band and seductively-vintage decor.

Imagine a house party so glitzy and exclusive that you need to be a member (or know a member) to gain entry. Then imagine that said house party comes equipped with its own live band, doorman, and expertly-skilled bartenders. Mutis, in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood is exactly this and more. Situated in a converted apartment next door to a tapas bar (similarly called Bar Mut), Mutis is a private club and restaurant that takes the genre of ‘European Speakeasy’ to a whole new level. You need a reservation to enter Mutis and can only get one if you know a member. However, on quieter evenings, or on the advice of your hotel concierge, you may be able to flout these rules to gain yourself entry. Once inside, you’re guaranteed to be mesmerized by the intimate feel and the decidedly 20s-style decor – think gold ceilings, thick red velvet curtains, leather sofas and a totally un-cheesy discoball. Mutis serves a premium food menu which includes steak, lobster and foie gras, although options are usually rattled off by a waiter and aren’t printed down, so be sure to be listening if you want to know exactly what you are ordering. The cocktail list, which is probably what you’re here for, is printed on silk pages, and comes with its own short description to help you navigate the choices. All spirits are well-represented, including mezcal, which is used to create modern twists on contemporary concoctions – the Thymus Saserac, Amor Julep and Mezcal Manhattan all spring to mind. The signature cocktail, Mutis, deliciously combines bourbon, champagne and white chocolate as the perfect after-dinner treat. There’s also Japanese whiskies to be sipped, as well as a commendable wine list, heavy on native Spanish grape varieties. Live music at Mutis starts at 12.30am, and the band plays a soothing mix of soul, funk and jazz – the perfect accompaniment to the glamorous crowd and menu, so be sure not to miss it.