Ohla Hotel


Ohla Hotel


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May 11, 2018

Ohla Hotel situated in Barcelona, spain holds three unique cocktail bars with cocktails mixed by award winning barman.

 5-star Ohla Hotel presents us with not one but three special and very different sections of their bar, the building is beautifully designed and well received. Unlike most other hotel bars, Ohla’s three linked bars are impressively unique setting them apart from the hotel itself. The same neoclassical façade runs throughout the bars along with sophisticated avant grande interior décor. The ground floor Gastronomic bar shows off huge glass windows that overlook the bustling streets of Via Laietana Avenue just outside. While their rooftop terrace bar overlooks breath-taking sky views of the whole city. There is a third boutique bar adorned with lavish red tulip seats perfect for sitting in with a martini in your hand. International award winner mixologist Giuseppe Santsmaria is in charge of all concoctions at the Ohla Hotel, which means that guests are in for a treat! There are many cocktails to choose from as well as wines, spirits and beers. The bar specialises in classic cocktails such as the ‘old fashioneds’ and their signature gin and tonic. We suggest giving the cocktail ‘Mulata Mojito’ a try which contains, rum, lime infused with mint, vanilla sugar, chartreuse, soda and pure chocolate liquor! 

Photo credit: http://www.ohlabarcelona.com/gallery.htm