Old Fashioned - Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar

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Old Fashioned - Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar


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May 11, 2018

You’ve got a choice of two seating arrangements in Old Fashioned - Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar.

You’ve got a choice of two seating arrangements in Old Fashioned – Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar: you can either pull up a stool at the square black bar crammed with bottles, or take a seat on the padded red leather bench that lines the back wall. This bar is old fashioned in both name and design (the  bartenders wear suspenders and black ties), but there is nothing old school about the mixology being produced here.
The amount of bottles lining the aforementioned bar gives some indication as to the number of spirits the bartending team are working with, and they use them to create some fantastic concoctions. They stick mainly to the classics (of course old fashioneds make a strong appearance here, along with manhattans, whiskey sours and mojitos), but it is the innovative way in which the cocktails are served at Old Fashioned that really makes them stand out (think elaborate decorations, fire, flowers and herbs). Modern concoctions come with their own unique names, like The Perfect Night, Japanese Democracy and Anything Goes and, unusually for a bar outside of North America, Old Fashioned even makes a mean range of bloody marys, including the option of creating your own. If you’re hankering after a gin and tonic, the selection will surprise and delight (with heavy emphasis on artisan and hard-to-find brands), and for when hunger strikes, you’ll be delighted to find a delicious collection of small plates, cold cuts and focaccias offering the perfect accompaniment to the cocktails.  
Credit Photo: https://www.facebook.com/oldfashionedbcn/photos