Bar Rouge

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Bar Rouge


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May 11, 2018

Soaring hundreds of feet above Basel, Switzerland, Bar Rouge is the highest bar in the city and also one of hottest places to drink, dance, and lounge.

Having fun at high altitude is par for the course in Switzerland, but the urban center of Basel may not be the first place that comes to most people’s mind when they think of elevated revelry. No, snowy mountain tops may be the first, but we’d like to introduce you to Bar Rouge, located 105 meters above the Swiss city, and one of our favorite bars with a view in all of Europe.
Once you’ve arrived at Bar Rouge via elevator, you are bound to be impressed with the immediate views, as Basel sprawls out before your eyes with both distant mountains and up-close skyscrapers vying for your attention. The decor is sleek, with low-slung leather couches, dangling, tubular jewel lighting fixtures, and the soft glow of red light everywhere. You’ll also spot red in the velvet rope that sections off some booths at Bar Rouge, as the venue is known as a top spot to reserve tables for a group outing in the city.
During the early hours of the evening, the focus is on sipping the smooth sunsetters the bar is famous for, but the tempo gets turned up a notch later on and the vibe becomes certifiably ‘club’. A nightly procession of DJs and special events keep the party vibes going late into the night, and no matter the time, one of Basel’s best bar staffs is on hand to whip up wonderful tipples like mojitos, martinis, and pour bottles of champagne.