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Hinz & Kunz


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May 11, 2018

An award-winning cocktail bar at Basel's ultra-cool Alt Markethalle, Hinz & Kunz Bar has mastered the art of pouring nearly every drink under the sun.

Ever since its stunning reinvention, the Alt Markethalle (‘old market hall’ to the non-German speakers out there) in Basel has become one of the hottest stops on the city’s social scene. And within the Alt Markethalle, the award-winning Hinz & Kunz is hands-down the place to go for a masterfully made cocktail.
Walking into the venue, one is immediately made to feel the utmost of welcome. There’s no pretension in the air at this casually decorated space whatsoever, though you’d almost forgive them with the amount of skill on display behind the bar. We’ll get to that expertise in a second, but for now, just know that Hinz & Kunz is a laid-back space with worn brick walls, spirit brand neons, and our favorite thing of all: a vintage wooden bar lined with shelf after shelf of bottles. How many? Well, there are over 300 whiskey, rum, and gin labels alone at last count, and the bartenders who are the namesake of the bar definitely know how to use them. 

The cocktail menu is always evolving here, sometimes even starring nightly specials, but it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that Hinz & Kunz knows how to whip-up everything under the sun and then some. While it’s hard to pick favorites here (that’s like choosing between children for us), their daiquiri and mojito-inspired tipple game is especially strong, along with their classic cocktails, but we are willing to bet a drink that you could close your eyes while picking a drink from the card and land on a  winner.