The Dark Horse

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The Dark Horse


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May 11, 2018

Dark Horse in Bath is a cosy and friendly place off the beaten track. If you’re looking for a chilled out and relaxed night filled with good drinks and a good atmosphere, then this is where you want to be.

Dark Horse is a work of art created by owner Louis alongside his family and friends. The old styled bar is dedicated to its homeland using local produce while giving guests the complete VIP feel.
British wines, liquors and spirits are all on the menu here, meaning this bar cares a lot of its culture. 

The bar staff are great at being able to create whatever you’re asking for. There are huge selections of rums, whisky, vodkas, gins and piscos, which of course are all from local producers. There are beers and cider on tap which are rotated often. What we love is that all fruit and herbs are sourced close to home as well as being foraged from their local hilltops that surround the city. The bar, which is a little off the beaten track has a homely feel and encourages all drink lovers inside.

The first thing you will notice upon entrance is the giant solid wooden bar. Old fashioned décor sits around it with some private booths that you can relax into and let the world melt away… The second room is very much a gentleman’s lounge with high back chairs and big cosy armchairs all next to a fireplace. Some wooden benches sit adjacent to the seats where big groups can enjoy the atmosphere too. Hidden away are some enclosed nooks that have some leather sofas for some quiet time. 

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