Betty Bar Boutique


Betty Bar Boutique

Beersheba-City Centre

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May 11, 2018

Serving up fresh and fruity tiki-style cocktails in their bistro bar with outdoor terrace, Betty Bar Boutique is a well-kept secret of the Israel bar scene.

There are many hard decisions to make during a visit to Betty Bar Boutique in Beersheba. Firstly, do you enjoy your drinks in the indoor fun-and-flirty bar area, or head to the cool roof terrace? Then which tipple will you choose – beer? Cocktails? Something stronger?And what about food? Thank goodness we’re here to help you thrash out the answers.

The interior of Betty Bar Boutique is reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, with its black-and-white chequered flooring, subdued glass light fixtures and bow-tied – mostly female – bar team. Locals and visitors alike squeeze up next to each other at the long wooden bar, or huddle in animated groups around one of the small tables. Outside, the terrace offers some pretty wonderful views of the surrounding skyline, along with a second bar (this one bamboo and tiki in style) whipping up yet more cocktails until the wee hours. So onto the next decision – what to drink? Betty Bar Boutique’s signature is a selection of colourful and fruity tiki-style cocktails served in chunky glasses and ceramic jugs, always decorated and sometimes smoking (as in the case of the Zombie).

Even the house bloody mary gets the Betty treatment – served in a tiki glass, spiked with Tabasco and garnished with a seemingly-endless supply of vegetables (celery, cherry tomatoes, olives). If you prefer your spirits straight-up, Betty Bar Boutique have a wide selection of craft spirits and liqueurs, in addition to an international collection of beers and cider. There’s regular events and themed evenings, particularly in the latter half of the year, when Betty Bar Boutique hold their own Oktoberfest, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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