D Lounge


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May 11, 2018

Art gallery by day, glamorous lounge bar by night, d lounge is where the best of Beijing go to sip creative-looking cocktails and high class spirits.

A glamorous lounge bar that attracts an equally-as-glamorous clientele, d lounge lies behind an unassuming entrance but delivers something much more memorable once you step inside. The Gaudi-esque curved bar enclave lined with shelves of spirits, the high ceilings dripping with unique light fixtures, the curved brick walls and the plush padded velvet ottomans all create an ambiance that feels a lot like an exclusive living room – and you’ve been invited.   d lounge is an arts space by day (previewing pieces of art created by up-and-coming talent) which then transforms into a swanky bar by night. There’s a DJ booth in one corner, but it never gets rowdy at d lounge, the bar preferring to allow customers to enjoy conversation as delightful as their drinks. Speaking of drinks, d lounge focuses on tasty time-honored cocktails infused with fruity flavors (like a martini spiked with lychee) and most are served with unique garnishes or in funky glassware (like the steaming cocktail served directly from a teapot), along with a range of classic combinations like refreshing G&Ts. There’s a huge range of top-shelf spirits and whiskies, served in chunky crystal tumblers with large spheres of ice, along with several wines and champagnes. Our advice? Get to d lounge early, especially at the weekend, as the place is very popular with locals.