Modo Ultra Club

Modo Ultra Club


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May 11, 2018

One of Beijing's most bedazzling clubs, Modo Ultra Club is a pulsing combination of cutting edge design, international DJs, and superb drinks service.

It all starts with the interior design of the space at Modo Ultra Club, as the club was brought to life by renowned Korean outfit URBANTAINER, becoming their first venue in China, and thoroughly impressing all who lay eyes upon their creation. Sexy geometric lines are everywhere in Modo, from hexagonal lighting fixtures to a chunky, futuristic jagged sparkling staircase, and even a dance area cut like a diamond under a giant disco ball. Yes, you can tell that each and every design touch in the two-level, four thousand square foot venue came from a creative mind, and the state-of-the-art stage lighting and world class sound system are just the icing on the cake.   While aesthetics are certainly out of this world, it’s the DJs and the drinks that you’ve come to Modo Ultra Club to truly be captivated by, and they deliver big time. Regularly scheduling some of the best names in the electronic dance music world, the club has permanently placed itself on the elite DJ circuit. Add into this mix white-gloved service pouring cocktails and bottles of premium spirits and champagne that will make you feel like a very important person (even if you aren’t sitting in the plush VIP private rooms), and you have a Beijing club legend in the making.  Photo credit: