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May 11, 2018

The scion of Taipei's finest club, Spark's world class DJs, celebrity sightings, and spirits make it easily one of Beijing's most elite nights out.

The Beijing edition of one of Taipei’s most elite clubs, Spark has become the go-to venue in town for the city’s glitterati, featuring stunning visual effects, fabulous sound, celebrity sightings, and fine pours of premium spirits.    
Entering Spark is an experience in itself, as you must pass under a laser-formed mirrored cube (as odd as it may sound, it manages to impress) that lets you know immediately that you are not in for a normal night out on the town. No, once inside Spark’s glittering world, you are surrounded by illumination and sound that overcomes the senses, most prominently in the form of a roof and floor that hypnotizes with pulsating party lights and the best soundsystem this side of Taiwan. The music played is of the international variety, with special emphasis on electronic, house and current hits, and the drinks are of the top-shelf style.   
While some clubs talk a big game about the quality of their DJ set, Spark is the only Beijing club that can boast of hosting both Avicii and Afrojack, and even once played host to an appearance by Lebron James and Dr. Dre. In fact, part of what makes this club special is the fact that you never know who you will spot, and while we can’t guarantee there will be celebs in the house the night you go, the beautiful crowd is typically so glamorous you may not even recognize the difference.   
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