Long Jing


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May 11, 2018

Pouring fine tea during the day and pioneering the art of tea-infused cocktails at night, Long Jing has quickly become one of the Beijing's hottest bars.

If you ever thought that flavors of tea were being a bit under-utilized during the current craze of spirit-infusing, well then Long Jing in Beijing is definitely the place for you. During the daytime, Ling Jing serves up steaming cups of brewed leaves, but at night it turns into a cocktail den, exclusively featuring cool drinks made with homemade tea-infused spirits.
Let’s start with the daytime scene though first, shall we? Over one hundred varieties of Chinese tea, which have all been handpicked by the expert staff, are served in a smart setting (think sleek red and black couches, slick wooden bartop, and sumptuous mood lighting), with some teas being of the very rare variety. At five o’clock sharp each evening, the shelves that hold tea are literally flipped to show off bottles of spirits infused with tea, and needless to say, that’s our favorite time of day at Long Jing.  They call them ‘cockteals’, and while we’re not sure that the name is destined to catch on, the drinks they are serving are certainly memorable. We love the smoky Black Tea Ti (Yunnan black tea, 12 year old whiskey, lemon, apple juice, honey, and a cloud of cinnamon bitters) and the Jasberry (a combination of jasmine tea-infused gin and berries), but also love what they are doing with the classics like the Oolong Old Fashioned & signature Lapsang Whiskey Sour.