Terminal B


4.1 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Terminal Ba is a beautiful outdoor venue in Beirut.

Terminal B is an open-air bar in Mar Mikhael that for obvious reasons is only open during the summer months. It’s a glorious space, set in an atmospheric Lebanese mansion, beautiful but also hip and trendy with a distressed urban vibe. There’s both a bar and dining area with a choice of seating, including seats at the bar, and high tables to perch at. Part of the appeal is its size; it’s much bigger than a lot of the other bars in the neighbourhood. Terminal B serves up international cuisine and fresh and fruity cocktails. Fusion flavours make up a large part of the menu. Try the fried cheese puffs or the steamed shrimp. The service can be a bit hot or miss but the attention to detail is strong and the menu inventive. Order a glass of fizz or one of their splendid strawberry mules and you have the makings of a great and memorable night, provided it doesn’t rain.