Moss Cocktail Lounge
    City-Center, Bengaluru

    About Moss Cocktail Lounge

    Located above pan-Asian restaurant Shiok on the Inner Ring Road, Moss Cocktail Lounge is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy a well mixed cocktail from a list that offers more than the standard Sex on the Beach. Though based above a restaurant, it's a distinctive space with walls of white and a pleasant shade of green, situated beneath canopied silk on the ceiling. Comfortable white-leather seating and a trickling water feature on one side add to the bar's relaxing ambience. There's a decent array of drinks, with all the usual suspects alongside several more creative options. Their Mango Heat, with rum, mango and a dash of hot pepper sauce has a real kick, while their Afternoon Chill, with vodka, gin, melon and lime, is the ideal refresher. Nuts about You, which brings together hazelnut, banana, brandy and apple juice, is another deliciously unusual concoction. The bar tenders are talented and eager to advise you on what drinks to pick. They'll even knock up a bespoke cocktail based on your preferences. If you get hungry, Thai-inspired bar snacks are available from sister restaurant Shiok downstairs. The seafood dishes are excellent, particularly the prawns in black pepper sauce. You can also mix and match with combo meals of rice, curry and salad, or noodles served with a selection of tasty sides. The music tends towards jazz and retro tunes, which is perfect for those evenings when you want something a little more chilled than dancing the night away in a sweaty bar with speakers blaring.

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