Hudson Bar


Hudson Bar


3.9 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

This well-hidden hot spot on Berlin's Elssholtzstrasse is no relation to Ian Schrager's Manhattan hotel, but it is an American bar par excellence...

This well-hidden hot spot on Berlin’s Elssholtzstrasse is no relation to Ian Schrager’s Manhattan hotel, but it is an American bar par excellence and one which has been delighting the drinks lovers of the city for over a quarter century. Inside the décor is a slightly odd mismatch of the classic and the kitsch – think the timeless style of a Manhattan bar (dark leather seating, tiled floor, dark walls) but with the odd splash of neon. Cocktails are the name of the game and staff dedicate themselves to them, even going so far as to list their Top Five for every month. These included a fruity explosion called a Strawberry Banana Martini and something refreshing with lemon in it known as a Hudson Cooler, last time we looked. There really is an extensive list on offer so don’t be scared to ask for advice. We’d be tempted by the Beam Me Up Scotty just for the name (scotch, tequila and cheery liqueur, if you’re wondering) though you could soak up the ambiance with a suitably cool Dean Martin or Manhattan. Brave sorts might try the Bartender’s Revenge, which includes chilli-infused tequila and chilli-infused vodka (in case one chilli-infused spirit isn’t enough for you!). Fellow Hudson-goers are fun and laid back locals, and not in the least bit pretentious, which can be a problem in some Berlin bars these days. The drinks menu changes all the time, and staff update the classics with special twists, and they love fruity concoctions like Mai Tais and Singapore Slings, so go in summer. All this and cocktail books and drinks quiz on offer. One for the connoisseur.