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    BRYK , a smart, upmarket new bar in Prenzlauer Berg, marks itself apart by opening a good couple of hours before most bars in the area, so if you fancy an after-work tipple or an early evening aperitif, this is the place to head. The chap who runs it has worked in top international hotels and it shows, and not just in the fact he's receptive to international drinking habits. This is a classy place. The dark-walled room is stylish in an understated way, attractively lit and atmospheric. The drinks are well made their new take on the Old Fashioned is well worth trying and the bar is well stocked with premium spirits. They do a damn fine cup of coffee too if that's all your after, but it's well worth taking the time to explore their cocktail offerings. The bar stays open well past midnight if you fancy making a long night of it.

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