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    Friedrichshain, Berlin

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    This Schoneberg classic is hard to miss, cluttered as it is with 50s American rock 'n' roll memorabilia and a glittering mirror ball: Americana is the theme here, and subtle it certainly isn't. Other assorted kitsch will make you feel like you've stepped back to the days of Sinatra, although this ever-popular joint is just as likely to play Roni Size as Ol' Blue Eyes, as the music tends towards the punky and alternative, just like many of its loyal and regular patrons. Look around and you might just see a few people who look like they've arrived by a TARDIS themselves, as the venue understandably attracts keen rockabilly and vintage types who like an atmosphere that lives up to their outfits. Don't panic if you don't dress up, though, Pinguin Club is famously friendly and welcoming: after all, if jeans and a t-shirt were good enough for Brando and Dean├č- The real draw here though is the bar's famously extensive collection of spirits numbering 156 last we counted, there's something here for every palate, including premium, classic and little known brands, so why not experiment? Open evenings only (till 3am) it's a smallish space that gets busy on weekends week nights are more laid back, especially if you go earlier, as the venue tends to attract the types who don't really kick into gear till later. Be warned, though, this is not a venue that caters for the yuppie Berlin/touristy types who are drawn to the contemporary chic of the city's revitalised bar scene: it prides itself on being a little down and dirty, which can startle the unwary. But if you like your chic shabby, Pinguin could be your ideal night out.

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