Saphire Bar


Saphire Bar


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May 11, 2018

In a city that's fairly keen on its scotch, the Saphire Bar (yes, with just the one 'p'; no, we're not sure why) is one of Berlin's very best whisky bars, stocking a huge variety ...

In a city that’s fairly keen on its scotch, the Saphire Bar (yes, with just the one ‘p’; no, we’re not sure why) is one of Berlin’s very best whisky bars, stocking a huge variety, including some rarities and unexpected gems. There’s also an imposingly large cocktail menu if whisky isn’t your thing, many created in-house by the talented bar staff, though, of course, the classics are all there too. But it’s those who love the odd dram who will really be in their element don’t be afraid to ask for advice on your selection. Cocktail wise, a fresh and fruity range of martinis includes cucumber or apple (though the sweet toothed can try a chocolate martini) but even here the whisky lovers aren’t neglected as a Smoke Islay martini remakes the classic with a 10 year old Laphroaig. Admittedly, this use of a quality malt may send purists into apoplexy, but for all its demure looks, The Saphire Bar isn’t scared to have a little fun. Located in hip Prenzlauer Berg, this stylish spot is divided into two elegant lounge areas, with pale chic décor warmed by metallic highlights, giving the place a slightly thirties vibe, with a hint of retro-futurism lent by the oblong wall lighting and long, sloping banquettes. The bar is peppered with cosy white leather sofas on which to perch while you sip your drink, curved around low tables in a way that makes socialising easy, as you’re within easy flirting distance of your neighbour. Upmarket but not pretentious with it, this is one of Berlin’s best. We’ve still no idea about the name, though.